class scopus.AffiliationSearch(query, count=200, start=0, max_entries=5000, refresh=False, download=True)[source]

Class to perform a search for an affiliation.

  • query (str) – A string of the query, e.g. “af-id(60021784)”.
  • count (int (optional, default=200)) – The number of entries to be displayed at once. A smaller number means more queries with each query having less results.
  • start (int (optional, default=0)) – DEPRECATED! The entry number of the first search item to start with.
  • refresh (bool (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached file if it exists or not.
  • max_entries (int (optional, default=5000)) – DEPRECATED! Raise error when the number of results is beyond this number. The Affiliation Search API does not allow more than 5000 entries.
  • download (bool (optional, default=True)) – Whether to download results (if they have not been cached).

ScopusQueryError – If the number of search results exceeds max_entries.


Json results are cached in ~/.scopus/affiliation_search/{fname}, where fname is the md5-hashed version of query.


Return the number of results (works even if download=False).


A list of namedtuples storing affiliation information, where each namedtuple corresponds to one affiliation. The information in each namedtuple is (eid name variant documents city country parent).

All entries are strings or None. variant combines variants of names with a semicolon.