class scopus.AuthorSearch(query, count=200, start=0, max_entries=5000, refresh=False, download=True)[source]

Class to search a query, and retrieve a list of author IDs as results.

  • query (str) – A string of the query, e.g. “authlast(Einstein) and authfirst(Albert)”.
  • count (int (optional, default=200)) – The number of entries to be displayed at once. A smaller number means more queries with each query having less results.
  • start (int (optional, default=0)) – DEPRECATED! The entry number of the first search item to start with.
  • refresh (bool (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached file if it exists or not.
  • max_entries (int (optional, default=5000)) – DEPRECATED! Raise error when the number of results is beyond this number. The Affiliation Search API does not allow more than 5000 entries.
  • download (bool (optional, default=True)) – Whether to download results (if they have not been cached).

ScopusQueryError – If the number of search results exceeds max_entries.


Json results are cached in ~/.scopus/author_search/{fname}, where fname is the md5-hashed version of query.


Return the number of results (works even if download=False).


A list of namedtuples storing author information, where each namedtuple corresponds to one author. The information in each namedtuple is (eid surname initials givenname documents affiliation affiliation_id city country areas).

All entries are strings or None. Areas combines abbreviated subject areas followed by the number of documents in this subject.