class scopus.ScopusAbstract(EID, view='META_ABS', refresh=False)[source]

Class to represent the results from a Scopus abstract.

  • EID (str) – The Scopus ID (EID) of an abstract.
  • view (str (optional, default=META_ABS)) – The view of the file that should be downloaded. Currently supported values: META, META_ABS, FULL. See for details.
  • refresh (bool (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached file if it exists or not.


The files are cached in ~/.scopus/xml/{eid}.


get_corresponding_author_info() Try to get corresponding author information.


abstract Return the abstract of an article.
affiliations A list of scopus_api._ScopusAffiliation objects.
aggregationType Type of source the abstract is published in.
article_number Article number.
authors A list of scopus_api._ScopusAuthor objects.
bibtex Bibliographic entry in BibTeX format.
citationLanguage Language of the article.
citationType Type (short version) of the article.
citedby_count Number of articles citing the abstract.
coverDate The date of the cover the abstract is in.
description Return the description of a record.
doi DOI of article.
endingPage Ending page.
html Returns an HTML citation.
issn ISSN of the publisher.
issueIdentifier Issue number for abstract.
latex Return LaTeX representation of the abstract.
nauthors Return number of authors listed in the abstract.
pageRange Page range.
publicationName Name of source the abstract is published in.
publisher Name of the publisher of the abstract.
refcount Number of references of an article.
references Return EIDs of references of an article.
ris Bibliographic entry in RIS (Research Information System Format) format.
source_id Scopus source_id of the abstract.
srctype Type (short version) of source the abstract is published in.
startingPage Starting page.
subjectAreas List of subject areas of article.
title Abstract title.
url URL to the abstract.
volume Volume for the abstract.
website Website of article.