class scopus.ScopusAuthor(author_id, refresh=False, refresh_aff=False, level=1)[source]

Class to represent a Scopus Author query by the scopus-id.

  • author_id (str or int) – The ID of the author to search for.
  • refresh (bool (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached file (if it exists) or not.
  • refresh_aff (bool (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached corresponding affiliation views (if they exist) or not.
  • level (int (optional, default=1)) – Number of * to print in property __str__.


The files are cached in ~/.scopus/author/{author_id}.


author_impact_factor([year, refresh]) Get author_impact_factor for the .
get_abstracts([refresh]) Return a list of ScopusAbstract objects using ScopusSearch.
get_coauthors() Return list of coauthors, their scopus-id and research areas.
get_document_eids(*args, **kwds) Return list of EIDs for the author using ScopusSearch.
get_document_summary([N, cite_sort, refresh]) Return a summary string of documents.
n_first_author_papers([refresh]) Return number of papers with author as the first author.
n_journal_articles([refresh]) Return the number of journal articles.
n_last_author_papers([refresh]) Return number of papers with author as the last author.
n_yearly_publications([refresh]) Number of journal publications in a given year.


affiliation_history List of ScopusAffiliation objects.
author_id The scopus id for the author.
citation_count Total number of citing items.
citedby_url URL to Scopus page of citing papers.
coauthor_url URL to Scopus coauthor page.
current_affiliation Current affiliation according to scopus.
date_created Date the Scopus record was created.
firstname Author first name.
hindex The author hindex
lastname Author last name.
name Author name.
ncited_by Total number of citing authors.
ncoauthors Total number of coauthors.
ndocuments Number of documents for the author.
orcid The author’s ORCID.
publication_history List of tuples of authored publications in the form (title, abbreviation, type, issn), where issn is only given for journals.
scopus_url URL to the author’s profile page.
subject_areas List of tuples of author subject areas in the form (area, frequency, abbreviation, code), where frequency is the number of publications in this subject area.