class scopus.ScopusSearch(query, refresh=False, view='COMPLETE')[source]

Class to search a query, and retrieve a list of EIDs as results.

  • query (str) – A string of the query.
  • refresh (bool (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached file if it exists or not.
  • view (str (optional, default=COMPLETE)) – Which view to use for the query, see Allowed values: STANDARD, COMPLETE. By default, the COMPLETE view is used, which returns more fields but results in a slower query.
  • ScopusQueryError – If the number of search results exceeds 5000.
  • ValueError – If the view parameter is not one of the allowed ones.


Json results are cached in ~/.scopus/scopus_search/{fname}, where fname is the md5-hashed version of query.


EIDs of retrieved documents.


Outdated property, will be removed in a future release. Please use get_eids() instead. For details see


A list of namedtuples in the form (eid doi pii pubmed_id title subtype creator afid affilname affiliation_city affiliation_country author_count author_names author_ids author_afids coverDate coverDisplayDate publicationName issn source_id eIssn aggregationType volume issueIdentifier article_number pageRange description authkeywords citedby_count openaccess fund_acr fund_no fund_sponsor). Field definitions correspond to, except for afid, affilname, affiliation_city, affiliation_country, author_count, author_names, author_ids and author_afids: These information are joined on “;”. In case an author has multiple affiliations, they are joined on “-” (e.g. Author1Aff;Author2Aff1-Author2Aff2).


The list of authors and the list of affiliations per author are deduplicated.